Ayurvedic & Whole-Body Massage Explored

Have you wondered how a ritual so blissfully comforting and luxuriously relaxing such as an Ayurvedic & Whole-Body Massage can rev up your mind and body and charge them to peak performance?

It’s simple; accumulated toxins and stress in body and mind dissolves during an Ayurvedic full body massage. It acts as a powerful rejuvenator and recharger of body and mind.

Any machine needs oil or it rusts up and breaks, that is why the largest organ of the body, which is the skin, needs soothing, deep penetrating special oils. And, we are not talking about a quick dab of cream after a shower either. Therefore, do oil play an important part of Ayurvedic massage.

Why choose an Ayurvedic Massage?

A typical Swedish/Relaxation Massage might not offer you the pressure intensity you want, or you might consider a more Holistic Massage. The Ayurvedic massage makes use of essential oils while it focuses on specific energy points. Don’t expect a ton a massaging either as this isn’t a massage that is focused on working out your muscle’s kinks. It is focused on manipulating your energy fields instead.

Ayurveda deals with your body and mind simultaneously. According to Ayurveda practice, or abhyanga, the body is divided into three doshas, Vata, Pitta, and Khapa. It is the imbalance of the doshas that leads to human ailments.

Using warm herb-infused oils your whole body is massaged gently to nourish tissues, cells, and energy channels. Prior to your massage, the massage therapist discusses your needs, lifestyle, and health to evaluate your Ayurvedic body type to determine which herbs and oils are best suited to bring your body into balance.

The massage therapist uses a variety of techniques with rhythmic rubbing of aromatic, warm oils into your body and hair. It penetrates deeply in transporting the healing properties directly into your tissue and cells. To relax your nervous system, loosen toxins and help you to rejuvenate, the techniques can include delicate stroking, strong strokes, light pinching and kneading to invite softness.

Does it relieve more stress compared to a regular massage?

It would depend on the kind of stress you are referring to. When you undergo your traditional massage, it relieves the physical stress that is caused by muscle tension buildup. Ayurvedic with its holistic health approach focuses less on physical stress and more on emotional stress. It is doubtful that you would drift off to sleep when a massage therapist is truly working your muscles, but with an ayurvedic you might even drift in and out of sleep.

Scientific benefits of Ayurvedic Massage

  • Reduction in blood pressure, heart rate, and stress
  • Relief of chronic low back pain with benefits effective for a minimum of six months
  • Ayurvedic massage works through inflammation to reduce muscle damage caused by exercise and sports injuries
  • Significant improvement of subjective sleep quality in postmenopausal women, decease in anxiety-depressive symptoms as well as other menopausal symptoms.
  • Significant reduction in migraine frequencies
  • Increased mood levels and lower anxiety levels for pregnant women suffering from depression
  • Improvement in muscular dystrophy
  • Improvement in hemiplegia
  • Significant improvement in patients with osteoarthritis that suffers from elbow, hip and knee pain.
  • Reduction in respiratory rate, pulse rate, diastolic and systolic blood pressure
  • It may improve moods in children with ADHD to lessen hyperactivity and fidgety
  • Excellent improvement in blood circulation, in particular, nerve endings
  • Strengthening and toning of muscles which make it resilient against injury
  • The massage loosens deep-seated toxins from tissues and joints where they are released into your system and eliminated. Your skin will automatically become clearer and healthy at the same time.

The sensitivity of the massage therapist enables her to read your individual body map of lumps and bumps, aches and pains while fully aware that each touch or stoke evoke specific emotions and gently facilitates the unresolved wounds to let go.

During the treatment, a subtle transfer of electromagnetic energy takes place between you and the massage therapist. It is therefore important to choose a therapist that has “feel good” vibes and whom you trust. You must feel safe and receptive to the energy of your therapist who in turn will see it as an honor and you will experience the compassion, unconditional love, and tenderness that flows through your therapist, all of these feelings that will engulf you during your Ayurvedic massage.