The Power of Energy Healing

Even in modern-day which is rather silly when you come to think of it, especially when you see the technological advancements around you, robots doing what humans can, etc. there’s always been some kind of stigma attached to seeing a therapist. Nobody wants to admit they need help to cope for fear of being labeled.

Each to their own and if a therapist does it for you, good for you, however, we are going to delve into something entirely different, energy healing.

Energy healers are often either met with a bit of skepticism or fascination and definitely a curiosity. Many people are unfamiliar with holistic healing and holistic massage which activate a body’s energy systems in order to remove blockages. Through a holistic massage, a massage therapist breaks through energetic blocks to help a body to use its inherent ability to heal itself.

While it is a lot to process, let’s look at important factors that will clear up what you do or don’t know about energy healing.

Thousands of years of Reiki

The Japanese tradition of energy healing which you must have heard of before is Reiki. It dates back to before the 20th century with cultures studying the energy centers of a body for literally thousands of years. In ancient Hindu texts, you will find many referrals and inscriptions describe the body’s seven energy transmission centers or Charkas as they are referred to.

Traditional Chinese practitioners on the other hand use meridians, which is the body’s superhighways to base their acupuncture upon. Even though various ancient cultures use their own modalities and methodologies to stimulate the natural abilities within a body to heal, one fact stands out, everyone saw the internal energy within a human body as a powerful force.

Scientific principles of energy healing

What did you learn about molecules in your high school or college physics class? That matter is made up of it and that even something solid like wood, constantly vibrate. Humans also vibrate. Just to use an example, have you ever said someone has a bad vibe or good vibe about them?

Every time you mention someone’s good vibes, you are in fact saying it literally as you are referring, even unintentionally, about their vibrational energy.

Even a place, room or house has a vibe. When you walk into a club with people dancing and laughing with great music, you say the place has a great vibe. If you walk into a pace where people just had a serious fight, you want to escape from it as you might feel the dense energy and sense the bad vibe. Due to the moving air and salt content of the beach, you will experience a lighthearted, light vibe as salt is a natural energy cleanser while there is a higher frequency of vibration too in the air of the beach.

A common scenario to compare energy healing to

You are in your car during rush hour on a busy highway and two miles ahead is an accident. You are two miles behind and cannot see a thing, do not know why traffic has come to a standstill, yet you are stuck, nothing moves behind or in front of you. Eventually the scene is being cleared and slowly but surely traffic moves, very slow at first before it returns to normal.

An energy healer feels that the energies in your body attempt to move through blocked areas much like the cars on the highway. Your energies might be either blocked like the stopped vehicles on the highway or maybe they are moving very slowly. The energy healer unblocks the jammed up energy and it will start flowing throughout your body and shift as needed to repair itself.

The question most ask, do you need to be spiritual?

This is a question many people answer for themselves without asking the actual question. They might regard themselves as non-spiritual and think that they will not benefit from energy healing. Let’s use a good example before you simply fall down, you don’t need to understand the law of gravity first. This is exactly how it works with energy healing, you don’t need to grasp the concept of energy healing to benefit from it. Just have an open mind and accept.

It is always a good time to see an energy healer. When you feel physically drained, depressed, anxious or stressed, an energy healer will help you feel more balanced and you will feel relaxed. If you feel good, why not feel even better!

An energy healer does not replace modern medicine as some people might think, it is a complementary modality that could heal imbalances which have the potential to heal other related illnesses.

An energy healer will not diagnose you with an illness or medical problem. The energy healer has one goal and that is to help your energy flow in order for your body to heal itself.

The accessibility of an energy healer

Energy healers are practically everywhere and you get various different types of energy healers.

Around the globe, you will find Reiki practitioners and this is different as the healer and client do not have to be in the same room. Reiki practitioners use their power of intention to cause the energy to flow to where you are.

Holistic Massage is an energy healing practice that allows for deep relaxation, it encourages the flow of lymph and releases muscle tension.

Reflexology is a method that promotes healing by freeing up blocked energy and stimulates systems, organs, and meridians through points on the ears, hands, and feet.

Acupuncture is used to stimulate the chi flow to balance the body.

Energetic health can be maintained at home

You have a daily commitment to shower or bathe and brush your teeth and this is the same for energy cleansing. If you have been to an energy healer, your good vibes are flowing and you can maintain it through several practices. When you feel a heaviness creeping through you, soak in a bath of Himalayan salts. Place high vibe crystals in your room which can help your energy field with their healing properties. You can clear negativities from your aura by burning sage which is well-known for its healing powers especially to improve cognition and mood.

The only thing you need to start your energy healing journey is a willingness to explore and learn new things. You never know, you might also get hooked.

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