The Beginners Guide to Chakras – Discover How to Align Your Chakras


You can compare your body to the universe because both are made up of energy. The chakras in your body play a vital role in the health and balance of your body. In ancient times, centuries before modern science and technology, these cultures knew that any living thing on earth is carrying a life force within them.

They named these energy centers, chakras and it continued throughout the centuries. In ancient Sanskrit, chakra means wheel for a reason. It is because the prana (life-force) is rotating and spinning inside you on its specific spot. The spinning life force has seven spots that run from the base of your spine to the top of your head.

A balanced and healthy person has seven chakras that give the perfect energy balance to every part of your body which includes your spirit and mind. However, if one of them is blocked, spins too fast or too slow, your health suffers. When you learn more about these seven chakras, you become in tune with your own body and the natural energy cycles.

Discover your Chakras

Before we dive into chakras lets help you to discover them and feel them at work (or not working). If you are unfamiliar with chakras it might feel odd, but if you go to a massage therapist you will probably know more about them. In the beginning, you might sense them very lightly, or not at all, but irrespective of what you experience, it’s ok.

Chakra Meditation

Go to a quiet space with no disturbances and sit quietly and breathe deeply. Allow the stress and tension to slide away. Relax completely and be in the moment and one with your body.

Concentrate on your tailbone, at the base of your spine. Use your quiet imagination and see in your mind’s eye a bright red spinning light and feel how it rotates and pulse with your breathing. Just remain with that before moving to the next chakra.

Next, move a little further upwards to a few inches below your belly button. Now “see” and feel the warmth of a spinning orange light and concentrate on your breathing and notice it moving with your breath.

Your next concentration is a few inches above the belly button. This is probably the easier chakra to notice as you must have experienced strong emotions like fear or love and remember that feeling. Concentrate to sense a yellow rotating light which is the chakra.

Next, bring your attention to your heart and the center of your chest. When you are moved or touched, you probably place your hand there instinctively, this is where your other chakra is. Connect with this chakra and “see” the bright green light.

Concentrate your attention to the next chakra which is in your throat. You might feel the urge to clear your throat or swallow and just imagine a blue spinning light in the dip between your collar bones.

Move up to your next chakra, your third eye between your eyebrows. Imagine the spinning deep indigo light that becomes brighter while spinning.

Move to your last chakra to the top of your head where you are connected to the universe. Imagine the spinning, vibrant violet light that is shining out of the top of your head. Concentrate to embrace the peace that folds around you when you notice this light.

Heal and Empower Your Chakras

A massage therapist is the first step to healing, energizing your chakras through energy healing. Various types of massage techniques including a Swedish massage, aromatherapy and holistic massage techniques. The use of aromatic essential oils balances and unblock chakras and promote healing.

The First Chakra – the Root Chakra – Muladhara

The first chakra is the grounding chakra and is the charka that easily gets overactive. When you feel jittery and anxiety, it is a sign of an overactive root chakra. Even without real threat, your chakra shouts messages of survival. Physical problems when it is blocked include hip pain lower back issues, digestive problems and in women, you can get ovarian cysts while men can suffer from prostate issues. Energize your first chakra with a relaxation or Swedish Massage or reconnect by being in nature. Sitting outside, swimming and gardening are good ways to energize your first chakra.

The Second Chakra – Sacral Chakra – Svadhishana

Your second chakra enriches your life and supports your creative energy and it is the motivator to indulge and enjoy, including the fruits of your labor and intimacy and sex. When your second chakra is blocked or overactive symptoms include restlessness, hormonal imbalances, obesity and addictions as well as low sex drive, impotence, depression and a lack of creativity and passion. A massage therapist will give you a holistic massage to balance your chakra while you can also energize your chakra by doing fun things. Eat an enjoyable snack, have fun, create a piece of art and make love to your partner.

The Third Chakra – Solar Plexus – Manipura

Here your personal power, identity and self-confidence originate from. An overactive third chakra affects the people around you as your internal power extends into other people’s lives. You might have a lack of empathy and compassion, feel the need to micromanage and control others and make you quick to anger. Health issues include internal organ imbalances like kidneys, liver, pancreas, appendix and digestive problems. Energize it by thinking about anything you know you are good at and write it down. Concentrate on the positivity that will come from naming your talents. If you don’t feel any better, a massage therapist or energy healer will suggest the best massage to balance your solar plexus.

The Fourth Chakra – Heart – Anahata

The heart chakra is easy to understand and aside from love, it is also associated with healing and health as it also promotes love for yourself. Your heart chakra is balanced when you will have kindness and compassion for others even when you experience problems in your own life. An overactive fourth chakra will cause interpersonal relationship issues, heartburn, palpitations and a fast heart rate. When it is underactive you will have a wall around your heart and find close relationships difficult and you might feel out of touch of your physical body and potentially suffer from bad circulation. To balance your heart chakra is to focus on yourself. Women can treat themselves with a personal Yoni massage while men can get a massage therapist to give them a relaxing Taoist Sexual Energy Massage as it is part of self-love to have pleasure and lighten your heart.

The Fifth Chakra – Throat – Vishuddha

The fifth chakra translates to personal truths. While it is obvious where speech comes from, the truth behind the clarity of the truth in what you speak comes from the fifth chakra. With its place above your heart it is the chakra that is most connected to your heart. Its location also connects to the third eye. Have you heard someone say that another person loves to hear themselves talk, well, this is a sign of an overactive chakra? Other physical abnormalities of an unbalanced fifth chakra include mouth ulcers, cavities, frequent infections and throat pain as well as digestive problems. Psychological issues with an unbalanced or blocked chakra includes the inability to speak your own truth, struggle for words, express emotions and have likely been called quiet or shy. Energize your throat chakra by practising truths and emotions when nobody is around. Continue and start by speaking and book an energy healing massage for yourself.

The Sixth Chakra – Third Eye – Ajna

Beyond wisdom is the direct translation of the sixth chakra and it opens the five senses and your mind beyond the material world. Psychic energy, intuition and extrasensory perception all come from your sixth chakra. It is seldom that you find a person with an overactive third eye while it is more common to have an underactive third eye and are disconnected from spiritual experiences. Physical problems can be sinus problems, allergies and headaches. Solidary, quiet meditation and focusing on outside signals while listening to your spirit will help you to energize your third eye.

The Seventh Chakra – Crown – Sahaswara

Your seventh chakra is the pure consciousness which is something that is in everything and everywhere and connects you to the universe. The balanced crown chakra is important as it balances and aligns your other charkas. It brings you wisdom, good health and happiness and you cannot have an overactive crown chakra. You do get an underactive chakra though and this is what makes you human. When your other chakras are balanced and nurtured you will be as close as possible to experience your crown chakra’s conscious energy. Your focus should be on your other chakras which will energize and balance your seventh chakra.

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