Unblock and Balance Chakras with Essential Aromatic Oils

Essential Aromatic Oils

Ancient Hindu tantric texts describe chakra concepts as specific points where energy emanates from to link to universal spiritual consciousness. The chakra-attuned, universal energy lies dormant and coiled at the base of your spine as Kundalini. Practices like kundalini yoga or tantric massages are performed to progressively arouse and activate the chakras which wake up the kundalini.

Everybody has seven main chakras where a body’s functionalities are grounded as energy centers that can become blocked or weak. While it is believed that a body has over a hundred charkas, the seven major chakras are along the spine, which plays a major role in body and mind functionality.

Chakras main focus

The western perspective is that each chakra is governing its own functions which involve the mental processes, emotional state and physical body. Chakra therapy’s main focus is to align and balance each one of the chakras individually and with each other.

The aim is to ensure that none of your chakras is inactive, underactive or overactive. This is how mental, emotional and physical balance and wholeness are achieved and maintained.

A wheel is the actual Sanskrit word for a chakra which is the site-specific points where energy concentrations emanate from your body. These wheels run along your spine and each one is associated with hormone glands. While each one governs its own spiritual, emotional and bodily energy, they are still linked and in tune with each other.

Chakras and Aromatic Essential Oils

The use of Aromatic essential oils is to promote and maintain well-balanced chakras. The idea behind the use of aromatic essential oils is to use calming oils to quieten over-active chakras while others energize sluggish charkas.

The essential oils aid in unblocking blocked charkas to encourage the body’s energy flow and the person will be in good health all-round – spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally balanced.

Seven Major Chakras

Base or otherwise known as the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown are the Chakras from the bottom to the top.

Root Chakra

A massage therapist will use a balancing essential oil and one of the best methods used is a foot massage. An overactive chakra can be calmed with an essential oil like vetiver and patchouli while nutmeg will reactivate sluggishness and keep your root chakra balanced, oils like bergamot are ideal. Other aromatic essential oils that are great include ginger, frankincense and cedarwood. Signs of a balanced root chakra is being contented and feeling safe, secure and grounded.

Sacral Chakra

A massage therapist will give you a lower back massage using essential oils to awaken your sensuality, grace and emotional intelligence. A blocked sacral chakra will awaken with spicy cardamom, geranium and cardamom while an overactive chakra will be calmed with neroli and yang ylang. When your sacral chakra is well balanced, a massage with sandalwood or sweet orange is great. Clear signs of a well-balanced Sacral Chakra are positive outlook, healthy sex drive and smooth creativeness.

Solar Plexus Chakra

You know the well-known saying, you “gut feeling”, this is influenced by your solar plexus chakra. The solar plexus is also responsible for self-discipline, confidence and being responsible. A massage therapist will give you a gentle tummy massage with juniper berry and eucalyptus for a blocked chakra, while she will calm it with helichrysum or vetiver. When you express a balanced solar plexus chakra good essential oils will include lemon, grapefruit, roman chamomile and black pepper. Signs of being balance include flexibility, patience, calm demeanor, confidence without arrogance, inner peace and being comfortable in your own skin.

Heart Chakra

Your heart chakra as you can deduce is your emotional center and a massage in the middle back area or anointing oil to your breastbone would be highly beneficial. To quieten an overactive chakra the use of sweet marjoram and lavender is great while palmarosa will unblock the heart chakra. To maintain a good balance, use aromatic geranium, cypress and eucalyptus. You will experience peace and compassion, be content, joyful and able to express love.

Throat Chakra

To balance your throat chakra that influences communication and expressiveness, an aromatic essential body spray can be sprayed to your neck and chest. To unblock a throat use lemon, while you can calm it with roman chamomile, spearmint or vanilla. To maintain a well-balanced throat chakra use coriander seed, mandarin, sweet fennel and myrrh. Signs of a well-balanced throat chakra include being a person that is receptive to criticism, honest, patient, a good listener, expressive and good communication skills.

Third Eye Chakra

Your third eye chakra supports awareness, improved memory, imaginative, intuitive and vision which can be awakened through inhalation and diffusions or oil applied to your forehead. To unblock a third eye chakra, use rosemary, basil and Bay Laurel essential oil while you can focus and stabilize it with German chamomile, sandalwood. To maintain a balanced and clear third eye chakra oils like sandalwood, vetiver or Frankincense are great.

Crown Chakra

Use aromas through a room diffuser to allow a balanced flow to the transcendent crown chakra. To clear a low functioning or blocked crown chakra diffuse spicy-sweet lavender and calm it with vanilla, Melissa, angelica or neroli. A well-balanced crown chakra can be maintained through frankincense, sandalwood, rosewood, rose or jasmine. Through the crown chakra we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves. Signs of a well-balanced crown chakra is an insightful person, wise, connected, purposeful in and about life and have a balanced spirituality.

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