Chronic Pain Relief Treatment Through Massage Techniques

When referring to chronic pain it is usually ongoing pain longer than three months. It is a debilitating pain which you can reduce through massage. The most common causes of chronic pain are long-term illness or injury. Chronic pain occurs in any part of your body and increases anxiety, stress, and depression. Massage for chronic …

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Gingerbread bliss balls

Need a healthy snack with a Christmas theme? Something you can whip up in 20 mins in case of that last minute pop-in? These gluten free, paleo-friendly gingerbread bliss balls tick all the boxes… and they make a great Christmas gift too.Ginger is fantastic for improving circulation and calming the digestive system, so you can enjoy your …

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Home made Paleo Granola

Most commercial brands of granola have a LOT of natural sugar in them. Honey, maple syrup, coconut nectar… all of these are paleo. But are they really good for you in large amounts? The answer I’m afraid is… “probably not.” So here’s an alternative. It takes very little time and energy at all. Because I’ve …

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What is Adrenal Fatigue?

Adrenal fatigue occurs in the body after a period of stress. This can be any stress – either physical or emotional. Stress activates our flight or fight response – a primitive system in our bodies which creates increased stress hormones (cortisol and adrenaline) in the body to make us faster, stronger, and quicker-thinking. This is …

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