Women’s Holistic Massage for Womb Health & Fertility

 Touch By Venus Massage Studio is training to become an accredited Fertility & Womb Massage Provider.   Would you like to try this massage for free? Can you commit to a weekly session over a 3-4 week period? Spaces are limited to a handful of Ladies, please contact the Studio to secure your booking.

To qualify for free sessions,  You would need to agree to be a Case Study Client for the practical assessment of the Course which would involve filling out a questionnaire, thats all thats required. 
The first session is 75 mins includes a 60 min massage and 15 min consultation with questionnaire.  Follow up sessions are 60 mins duration.

This is a beautiful Holistic Massage created especially for Women that focuses on Womb Health and improving natural Fertility.  This is a nourishing mixture of therapeutic, spiritual and energetic modalities, that whenever combined bring harmony and balance to the reproductive, digestive & sacral areas but over a more deeply and probably more important level, it re-awakens and re-connects women with their systems, especially their womb.

courtesy of  Talented Artist Jaine Rose

illustration by Jaine Rose

The more common complaints addressed by this technique include: REPRODUCTIVE PROBLEMS:
▪ Painful or irregular menstrual cycles and ovulation
▪ Bladder or yeast infections
▪ Miscarriages or difficult pregnancies
▪ Pre-menopause or menopause symptoms
▪ Fertility problems
▪ PMS/Depression prior to menstruation
▪ Ovarian and breast cysts
▪ Abnormal uterine bleeding
▪ Fibroids
▪ Migraines

• Sexual trauma
• Miscarriages/stillbirths
• Stress
• Held in emotions
• Childhood traumas
• Maternal problems

▪ Constipation
▪ Diarrhoea
▪ Bloating
▪ Stomach cramps

The aim of the session is to create a nourishing movement of womanly energy, leaving the client feeling whole, centered and most importantly, nurtured.

If you require more information please use the contact form below.  You can also make a booking via the online booking system.

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